"good night πŸŒ™"

Sun Apr 17 2022


Fri Mar 11 2022


Thu Mar 10 2022

"been in this space way too long not to capitalize on this second chance ✌️"

Tue Feb 08 2022

"I wonder what Ace is thinking about. I miss u bud ♠️"

Fri Oct 22 2021

"i like it when i am needed by some people"

Sat Oct 09 2021

"ocean away"

Thu Sep 09 2021

"how come sometimes i miss u so"

Thu Sep 02 2021


Sat Aug 21 2021

"thnx for the lychee bobba πŸ§‹"

Mon Aug 16 2021

"Better this way"

Thu Aug 12 2021


Tue Jul 27 2021

"I was comfortable in that dark space, but I'm also glad that you guys are pushing me out of my comfort and shine some light into my life. Grateful πŸ€πŸΆβ˜•οΈ"

Sun Jul 25 2021


Thu Jul 15 2021

"If it's worth doing, there's probably a dip along the way."

Sun Jul 11 2021

"Not sure if it's the excessive cups of coffee or just my willingness to change that got me a bit pumped up today."

Sun Jul 11 2021


Sun Jun 20 2021

"Feeling euphoric, but I don't mind leaving either. Take me wherever you feel like, wind of change."

Fri May 28 2021

"Life's like a journey in writing until you're gone."

Wed May 05 2021

"The rise of le Ξgg, lol."

Tue Apr 06 2021

"To be overshadowed is probably one of the best things that happened in my life."

Mon Mar 29 2021

"Longing to talk with you, but left me on seen last time I tried so not sure if I am welcome to πŸ‚"

Sat Mar 20 2021

"Focussing only on gains makes me toxic inside. I'm taking a step back and reassess my focus."

Tue Mar 16 2021

"No fear, no happiness, only number go up."

Fri Feb 12 2021

"Year of the 0x"

Sun Feb 07 2021

"omg, so nifty!"

Thu Feb 04 2021

"ethereum is the new silicon valley"

Wed Feb 03 2021

"Aping into the orange coin b4 hedge funds was the ultimate play all along."

Mon Feb 01 2021

"When people speak about bitcoin or ether, they are just scratching the surface. The price is hype, yes. But what's happening in the space, especially in ethereum, is not even covered yet. They only just found out what ethereum is, wait until they find out what it can do."

Fri Jan 15 2021


Tue Jan 05 2021

"They will soon use crypto without knowing it, just like how they use the internet."

Wed Dec 30 2020

"Acceptance and letting go is most difficult when it is one you hold so dearly."

Wed Dec 30 2020

"Ethereum is where the home is of various enthusiasts all partaking in building the next generation of web."

Wed Aug 05 2020

"Hearing the musical piece 'Always with me' from Spirited Away being played on the piano does make me stop and take a moment to reminisce the anime."

Wed Jul 29 2020

"Although I enjoy the present, the past does have a special place in my memory I often travel to."

Wed Jul 29 2020

"I like to relive some memories time and again, in my mind."

Sun Jul 19 2020

"Happy birthday ☾"

Fri Jul 10 2020

"I'm proud of you, Suriname πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡·"

Sat Jun 20 2020

"Suriname just need to start using Ether and be at the forefront of the next generation of the web. Building on top of Ethereum will make it possible for corporate and individuals to commerce globally, bypassing obsolete tech."

Mon Jun 15 2020

"Sometimes, I feel so evil that I deserve all the bad things happening in my life. Karma, I guess."

Wed Jun 10 2020

"I'm sorry."

Tue Jun 09 2020

"It's bait."

Fri Jun 05 2020

"Bitcoin is a peaceful revolution and Ethereum is building the next generation of the Web."

Sun May 31 2020

"Waiting to be found."

Sun May 31 2020

"Of course I still love you πŸš€"

Sun May 31 2020

"No matter what happens, isn't it important to try?"

Fri May 29 2020

"Every expert was once a beginner; you're most likely not going to get it right the first time."

Sat May 23 2020

"Make things right."

Fri May 08 2020

"A bittersweet pill, but maybe that is what's needed sometimes."

Mon May 04 2020

"Question everything."

Wed Apr 29 2020

"Being different starts to mean something when the majority thinks you believe in fairy tales."

Wed Apr 29 2020

"One not only speaketh, but liveth more than speaketh itself."

Thu Apr 09 2020


Thu Apr 02 2020

"Steve Jobs inspire me in a lot of ways, but there is one part that inspires me the most - how he found his zen. He traveled to India to find a mentor. He found a guru who taught him life lessons, and he went back to implement the lessons in the products. That is one of the most beautiful things for a product. Love and care."

Mon Mar 30 2020

"Central banks are going to print their way out of the mess they created at the cost of your prosperity."

Wed Mar 25 2020

"The economy is in for a real shitshow, that much is certain."

Wed Mar 25 2020

"We've come a long way since 2013, yet still a long way to go."

Tue Mar 24 2020

"My mind is in the past, most of the time. I relive those special moments time and again, like a tape stuck in a loop."

Sat Mar 21 2020

"And though the line is cut, it ain't quite the end. I'll just bid farewell 'til we meet again. - Bob Dylan"

Thu Mar 19 2020

"My best I have done, and all I can do for that's who I am."

Tue Mar 17 2020

"Take care of your fellow human beings by showing empathy. Prevent the spread of COVID-19 by covering your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze, wash your hand with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand rub, maintain at least 1 meter distance between you and anyone who is coughing or sneezing, stay home when you feel unwell, and stock up only what you need. Think of your fellow humans."

Mon Mar 16 2020

"The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind. The answer is blowin' in the wind. - Bob Dylan"

Mon Mar 16 2020

"It's the 3rd day since Suriname announced its first case of COVID-19, a pandemic of the 21st century. Although I was afraid of going out, I promised myself to get out of bed early in the morning just to stroll around the spot where folks usually bring out their birds on the Sundays. Today was as quiet as it could be. I felt awkward, not because of the situation, but because it's been a while since I've been strolling and taking photos of the streets in Paramaribo."

Sun Mar 15 2020

"In times of crisis, certain measures must be taken and things must be said before it's too late."

Fri Mar 13 2020

"It's not easy to harbor fond memories of everything that was most precious in life when all that remain are shattered fragments. - Bob Dylan"

Fri Mar 06 2020

"Sometimes my burden is more than I can bear. It's not dark yet, but it's getting there. - Bob Dylan"

Mon Mar 02 2020

"Niftsu, a property in Decentraland where the digital art galleries of Jivinci & Timothy Lie are displayed."

Sun Mar 01 2020

"When I be forever gone, will I be in your memory?"

Wed Feb 26 2020

"It's been a while since we've played tennis together, but it feels like yesterday to me. Seeing them on the field made me reminisce the days when our uncle used to pick us up to play."

Mon Jan 20 2020

"Een steentje proberen bij te dragen waar ik kan, in m’n eigen tempo."

Thu Jan 16 2020

"There is a great chance the economy of Suriname can be saved, if Suriname can find a way to adopt Ether as its native currency."

Mon Jan 13 2020

"If you see her, say hello."

Mon Jan 06 2020

"Ethereum is the πŸ¦„ of crypto. The magic internet money of the next decade and beyond."

Tue Dec 31 2019

"One way to remember who you are is to remember who your heroes are. Here’s to the crazy ones."

Mon Dec 23 2019

"Satoshi, an icon that started a silent revolution against the banks in the Digital age."

Fri Dec 20 2019

"Never get too attached to anything."

Tue Dec 17 2019

"I positioned my capital against the establishment."

Sat Dec 14 2019

"The native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network, a foundation for a new era of the internet."

Thu Dec 12 2019

"I increased my Dogecoin trading position from 2 to 3.8 percent, aiming for a 7 percent by the time Santa Claus comes."

Mon Dec 02 2019

"November is such a bad month for me, not because of the crypto market dip but because I overspent. I'm tweaking my spending rules to forsee and control future unexpected spending habits."

Mon Dec 02 2019

"The hard part is trying to keep your head up in the months of drawdown."

Wed Nov 27 2019

"I'm trying to help, but it's not always working."

Fri Nov 22 2019

"Sometimes, I wish I was ..."

Tue Nov 19 2019

"Is it just me, or does it feel hard to connect with people nowadays?"

Sun Nov 17 2019

"Thoughts flow through my mind in a disorderly fashion, yet perfectly in order when zoomed out."

Fri Nov 08 2019

"You don’t need a lot of light to find a way."

Thu Nov 07 2019

"Near a road in the midst of nowhere, we grew."

Tue Nov 05 2019

"Timelessly drifting through life to find a sense of meaning."

Sun Nov 03 2019

"From ancient times, fantasies to a traveler's adventure, wonderful stories are to be told."

Wed Oct 30 2019

"The spectrum of my life is either in a very dark space, or a calm one. I yet have to master in between."

Mon Oct 21 2019

"Is it just me, or is it hard to find authenticity on the internet nowadays?"

Thu Oct 17 2019

"When you listen to other's opinion every day, you are going to start thinking like them."

Wed Oct 16 2019

"It’s been almost three decades where I went through life unconsciously developing habits. The next decade will be the one where I consciously start developing new habits through principles."

Sun Oct 06 2019

"Sometimes I wonder whether what I'm doing on a daily basis has any significance on my life."

Wed Oct 02 2019

"Choosing to use Bitcoin is opting into a new system."

Tue Sep 17 2019

"The future and present are not set in stone, they are in your hands."

Thu Sep 05 2019

"Life after Brave&Co."

Tue Aug 27 2019

"Everything that is meant to be, will be."

Sun Aug 18 2019

"Listening to Space Odyssey. πŸš€"

Sun Aug 18 2019

"Shady'd with my boys after a long time, now I'm sitting here looking at my site thinking I should sort the journals."

Sun Aug 18 2019

"On the road with eyes on the rear mirror lately."

Sat Aug 17 2019

"If I, by the time I turn 40, still haven't found a meaning in my life, I will make it my mission to take a trip to Mars with Elon and photograph the journey."

Wed Aug 14 2019

"At some points in my life, I did and thought it was over. But I still am."

Tue Aug 13 2019

"Long Bitcoin, short the bankers."

Fri Jul 19 2019

"The very difficulty of it is why you must."

Mon May 06 2019

"The journey is the reward, Steve Jobs once said."

Thu May 02 2019

"If we start a project, isn't it best when we test the waters first before diving in?"

Wed May 01 2019

"Hello world."

Fri Apr 19 2019

"Bitcoin, it's a financial revolution."

Wed Apr 17 2019

"Authenticity is a rare thing."

Wed Apr 10 2019

"If you'd ask me what I'd do with my financials this year, I'd tell you that I am accumulating Ethereum and Loom with my salary each month."

Wed Apr 10 2019

"Sometimes I dream of walking on the moon."

Thu Apr 04 2019

"Did you ever had a moment where you don't want to share a playlist, but you don't mind if they somehow stumble upon it?"

Tue Mar 26 2019

"Cognition: the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses."

Sun Feb 17 2019

"Whenever I need to zone out and reconnect, I would dim down the lights and tune in to some Chopin music."

Wed Feb 13 2019

"Deep down, aren't we all trying to figure out who we are and what our place is in this universe?"

Fri Jan 25 2019

"My actions are moving me forward while my mind is lingering in the past."

Sun Jan 06 2019

"I believe that we are at the final stages of the fiat monetary system; When the history of money is researched, we will discover why Bitcoin is one of the best inventions of our lifetime."

Fri Nov 09 2018